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In the Spring of 2014, Salamander released it eponymous debut album; it was well received and received critical acclaim in Lira Musikmagasin (Sweden's leading world music magazine) and other media.

Now, a new album is under production. It was recorded in March 2015 and is currently being mixed - it will be released sometime in the Spring of 2016 under the title "Como la rosa". Much like the debut album, the upcoming album is a musical journey through time and space; from Kazakhstan in the east to Spain in the west, from Renaissance France to 19th century England.

On this website you can listen to excerpts from the debut album as well as a teaser from the upcoming album. You will also find a link to Bengans Record Store where you can purchase the album, and you can also download it from iTunes should you prefer that. In due time, more teasers from the upcoming album will become available for your listening pleasure on this website!

(Please note: Bengans Record Store does not currently ship to South and Central America. If you live there and wish to purchase the CD, please send an email to kontakt@liljansantikvariat.se. The cost is 130 Swedish kronor including shipping costs - approximately $20. Payment through Paypal only.)

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