SALAMANDER - Music through time and space

Beautiful and emotional music from Jewish traditions - Early music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras

Beautiful and emotional Jewish folk music from the Sephardic tradition.
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08/01/2019 11:21:12
Review of "Como La Rosa" in fRoots
02/05/2018 13:15:16
The new album is released today!
02/02/2018 17:26:50
The new album is here!
25/01/2018 20:25:15
New member!
25/01/2018 19:03:05
New album to be relased in May!
27/08/2017 16:11:38
New teaser from Salamander's coming album
13/08/2017 11:02:19
Teaser from Salamander's coming album
12/08/2017 11:23:41
Concert video from Ytterlännäs Old Church
03/08/2017 18:29:29
Beautiful music in a historical setting
21/03/2017 18:03:21
New member!