Beautiful music in a historical setting

On Saturday 5th of August Salamander will perform in Ytterlännäs Gamla Kyrka, a marvelously beautiful 13th century church 13 kilometres north of Kramfors in the north of Sweden. The church is renowned for its opulent frescoes, and fascinating objects from across Medieval Europe can be found among its interiors - among others, a Byzantine doorknocker from the 9th century in the shape of a lion's head, possibly brought back to Scandinavia by a Viking.

We are delighted to be given the opportunity to perform in this beautiful environment which, much like our repertoire, reflects the ancient and the modern. This will also be the last concert with our dear member and friend David Odlöw who has worked with us since Salamander was founded seven years ago, but it is also the beginning of something new and exciting when David is replaced by the equally fantastic multi-instrumentalist Kristofer Yffén.

The concert starts at 6 PM and admission is free. You are very welcome!